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For many Physicians one of the most important questions they face is whether or not to outsource their medical billing to a third-party professional billing service or do it in-house with additional staff and expensive software. With our company the answer is a win-win.

We offer the best of both worlds to save you time, money and frustration with state-of-the-art electronic claims processing. First, as experts in the Medical Billing Business your claims will get processed faster and more efficiently for maximum reimbursements in less time and effort. Secondly, we share our MedOffice software technology with you.

MedOffice provides you more confidence and control. You and your entire office enjoy features like patient scheduling, easy data entry, HIPAA compliance and hundreds of business reports at your fingertips and so much more.
  • Frees you of the burden of billing & collections.
  • Eliminates provider/patient payment discussion.
  • Reduces staff which eliminates sick pay, vacation pay, insurance benefits, etc.
  • Eliminates costly & unproductive training periods.
  • No capital investment in software and/or hardware.
  • Allows you to focus on treating your patients and generating new business.
  • Fees based on collection results.

Improper filing causes a high percentage of rejected claims and delayed payments to providers. Rejected and re-processed claims directly impact the cash flow position of any medical practice. These denied claims generally require extensive follow-up and resubmitted claims prior to actual payment by the carrier. Medical claims billing is greatly facilitated through the use of an electronic claims processing system. Our service:

  1. keeps track of each carrier's specific requirements.
  2. significantly reduces the rejection percentage.
  3. greatly accelerates the payment turnaround time.